Sessions for couples

You are looking for help because your relationship or sex life has hit the rocks.  It may be a relationship issue such as disappointment, resentment, hurt or anger that is seeping into the bedroom causing sex to be difficult or a sexual problem is creating friction between you.  Blame and judgement have become your norm; stealing your joy.  Your differences regularly trigger arguments and your situation feels like an insurmountable problem.  

Some of the factors that can impact your sex life and relationship include degradation in sexual response (concern regarding arousal and orgasm), painful sex, betrayal, boredom, illness and medication and the aging process.  Or it can be fertility issues, termination or loss of pregnancy, childlessness, traumatic childbirth and the transition to becoming parents that have taken their toll.  

Perhaps you feel that your sex life is in the doldrums, it has become routine, less satisfying.  You have a sense of what is not working for you but you’re not sure how to ask for what you want or maybe you don’t even know what you want.   It may be the difference in your levels of sexual desire or the fact that you have opposite sexual interests that has become a tension between you.  Maybe there has been a gradual decline in your pleasure, and you can’t remember the last time you had sex. Or your sex life is ‘fine’ but you wonder how you could enhance the experience or you have curiosities about different sexual practices or relationship models.     

When your sex life feels difficult, it is easier to avoid initiating sex rather than risk another disappointment or failure.  Once you are in the pattern of avoidance, you cannot see how to rekindle desire and find sexual enjoyment again.  When your relationship becomes a struggle, it can feel a lonely and miserable place.  

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The idea of doing couples sessions feels daunting, but you are worried about the continued lack of emotional and sexual intimacy.  You are desperate to find the love, joy and excitement in your couple.  You want emotional and sexual closeness so that you look forward to being sexual together.  To have the confidence to express your sexual desires and the inspiration to explore new ways of being sexual with each other.   

In my work with couples I believe what matters above all else is that the relationship serves the needs and dreams of those involved.  Thriving relationships bring intimate connection, growth and deep happiness.  True intimacy is where you can risk being truly seen and where you see your partner.  

I work with couples who are experiencing difficulties in either their relationship or their sex life or both.  My couples work includes working through emotional conflict, providing support for sexual problems and giving inspiration for enhanced sexual satisfaction. The couple sessions are for people who are willing to make changes, prepared to self-reflect and prepared to practice between sessions.

What you can expect

  • Space and time to talk about what is hurtful or upsetting in your relationship
  • My non-judgemental attention and witnessing to both of you so we can identify patterns, beliefs and behaviours that are keeping you stuck and getting in the way of your pleasure
  • Structures and exercises to help you express difficult feelings and reduce unhelpful confrontation 
  • Communication practices to support you being able to request what you want and listen to your partner’s requests
  • Support to define the shape and form that you want for your relationship and sex life  
  • Practical suggestions to bring anticipation and excitement into your intimacy so you can enjoy dating again
  • The adventure of rediscovering each other’s bodies and learning about each other's pleasure 
  • Practices for you to take home that are customised to suit your lifestyle and provide manageable steps to attaining the changes you want  
  • Ways to explore what it means to surrender to your pleasure and to each other
  • Education where necessary to broaden your understanding of the myriad of ways to give and receive pleasure
  • Permission to share your sexual frustrations and longings 
  • Guidance and support for expanding your repertoire for intimacy including love-making techniques, role play and BDSM
  • A renewed sense of sexual vitality, togetherness and hope for your future.  
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“We have never had to think about language to describe our pleasure or to guide each other but we are now experiencing pleasure like never before.”  
couple (2020)
“Sue is an engaging presenter and inspirational teacher.  She brings the training material to life by adding her professional experiences and relating key teaching points to real-life scenarios.”
“Sincere thanks for your guidance, for pushing us, almost to the edge on occasion and for your part in helping us find the freedom and the depth in our relationship. We now feel fulfilled and able to express our fears and joys in equal measure.”
couple (2020)
“You were absolutely amazing.  What you said really helped me in my sessions with clients and helped me see things from a different point of view. It was really invaluable and helped me so much with my training.  I would recommend you to anyone.”  
Supervisee (2021)

“I wanted to let you know that I've been having wonderful, liberated, creative, and thoroughly enjoyable sexual experiences this summer - our two sessions were definitely a big help at the end of this stage of the process.”

Female (2019)

“We needed a third party to hear us, and to help us hear each other.  You allowed us to create some space between us and keep our communications more civilised. The sessions that we had were really helpful and so far, it's working well!” 

Couple (2021)

“My aims were to avoid premature ejaculation and get the confidence to start a new sexual relationship. The therapy fulfilled both objectives.  I found Sue to be very straightforward, easy to talk to, and sympathetic and my quality of life has improved.” 

Male (2019)

“I am a quadriplegic, paralysed from the shoulders down. It is no exaggeration to say that she has changed my life. Sue has opened up a whole world of sensual and sexual liberation for me.”

Male (2012)

“Sue is calm, personable, challenging, supportive and empathic. She quickly understood my issues and suggested ways to tackle them effectively.  I would highly recommend her.  After a couple of sessions, I felt confident to ask someone on a date and am now in a happy relationship.”

Male (2019)

“I originally got in touch with Sue to work on my dysfunctional erections.  Sue taught me practical techniques and helped unravel my sexual history. She had a positive outlook and gave useful insights. It’s been life changing.”

Male (2020)