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My commitment to my work comes from my belief that emotional connection and sexual pleasure are fundamental to our health and happiness. It is natural to desire a fulfilling sex life, a relationship where we feel seen and heard and perfectly reasonable to want both. 

My experience shows me how important it is that we can connect to our emotional and sexual needs so that we can articulate them. The moments when we take responsibility for our own pleasure and want to learn about our partner’s pleasure - this is what creates a positive experience. We have to be willing to take the risk to request what we desire, be prepared to ask for adjustments and say no when something isn’t working for us.  Equally soliciting, listening to and respecting the needs of our partner. 

I feel passionate about providing professional education and support around sex and relationships whether it is single conversation or an extended programme of sessions.  It may be advice about how to masturbate, a technique to talk about difficult feelings or ideas to help rekindle sexual desire.


My background

My work combines my qualifications as a counsellor, therapist and sex therapist with twenty years’ experience of working in this field and my study of eastern traditions of sacred sexuality.  In 2001, I joined Shakti Tantra, a leading UK tantra school, and co-ran tantra training programmes for several years. The teachings of tantra continue to inform my work.  

I am a member of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists and adhere to their code of ethics to ensure that my work is both professional and ethical. I have regular supervision and participate in continuing professional development to keep my knowledge up to date.  In 2020 I gained an Advanced Diploma in Couples Therapy (distinction) from the NAOS Institute.   

In 2008, I developed my practice to work with people with physical disability supporting them to find their sexual expression.  I have received awards for Sex Worker of the Year and Sex Therapist of the Year from Outsiders, the UK charity that provides sex and relationship support to physically and socially disabled people. I am an active member of the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance (SHADA).

Since 2017, I have been providing quantum expert witness reports for cases where psychosexual impairment has occurred. I am a member of the Expert Witness Institute and have attended training courses for ‘Understanding the Legal Framework’ and ‘Report Writing’.

What to expect

When I receive your enquiry, we can plan a free fifteen minute phone/video call so that I can answer your questions or if you feel ready to take the next step, we can arrange an initial session. When we arrange an initial session, there is no obligation for you or me to commit to further sessions. From your first enquiry, I treat all of the information that you share about yourself as strictly confidential, please click on ‘policies’ at the bottom of this page if you would like to find out more. The aims of the initial session are:

  • We have the opportunity to meet each other
  • I ask questions to find out relevant information about your current situation and objectives
  • I will let you know whether I feel able to provide the support that you are looking for & explain the next steps
  • You can ask any questions that you may have about my work and approach  
  • I will offer you some constructive insights and ideas that you can take away to have a positive impact on your situation.

During the sessions, I will listen, help you to uncover behaviours and beliefs that are limiting your pleasure and I will offer reflections using language and context that works for you.  Together we will identify the changes that will make a positive difference to your situation and I will translate these into practices that are manageable according to your lifestyle.  If it is helpful, I will guide you through practices during the sessions.  I will invite you to do these practices between sessions so that you move towards your desired outcome.  We can look at any resistance to doing practices and our work together will include periodic reviews. 

I offer sessions online and in person during the day and early evening Monday to Friday.  My face-to-face sessions are available in Birmingham, Lichfield and London (subject to pandemic guidelines).  I will normally reply to enquiries within 48 hours.

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“We have never had to think about language to describe our pleasure or to guide each other but we are now experiencing pleasure like never before.”  
couple (2020)
“Sue is an engaging presenter and inspirational teacher.  She brings the training material to life by adding her professional experiences and relating key teaching points to real-life scenarios.”
“Sincere thanks for your guidance, for pushing us, almost to the edge on occasion and for your part in helping us find the freedom and the depth in our relationship. We now feel fulfilled and able to express our fears and joys in equal measure.”
couple (2020)
“You were absolutely amazing.  What you said really helped me in my sessions with clients and helped me see things from a different point of view. It was really invaluable and helped me so much with my training.  I would recommend you to anyone.”  
Supervisee (2021)

“I wanted to let you know that I've been having wonderful, liberated, creative, and thoroughly enjoyable sexual experiences this summer - our two sessions were definitely a big help at the end of this stage of the process.”

Female (2019)

“We needed a third party to hear us, and to help us hear each other.  You allowed us to create some space between us and keep our communications more civilised. The sessions that we had were really helpful and so far, it's working well!” 

Couple (2021)

“My aims were to avoid premature ejaculation and get the confidence to start a new sexual relationship. The therapy fulfilled both objectives.  I found Sue to be very straightforward, easy to talk to, and sympathetic and my quality of life has improved.” 

Male (2019)

“I am a quadriplegic, paralysed from the shoulders down. It is no exaggeration to say that she has changed my life. Sue has opened up a whole world of sensual and sexual liberation for me.”

Male (2012)

“Sue is calm, personable, challenging, supportive and empathic. She quickly understood my issues and suggested ways to tackle them effectively.  I would highly recommend her.  After a couple of sessions, I felt confident to ask someone on a date and am now in a happy relationship.”

Male (2019)

“I originally got in touch with Sue to work on my dysfunctional erections.  Sue taught me practical techniques and helped unravel my sexual history. She had a positive outlook and gave useful insights. It’s been life changing.”

Male (2020)