Working with disability

A significant part of my work involves supporting clients who wish to live satisfying sexual lives despite physical impairments and chronic illness.

I believe passionately that being sexual is part of being human. We all have the right to sexual satisfaction and pleasure with ourselves and with others, irrespective of age, ability or sexual preferences. Physical impairments we are born with or develop through injury or age do not affect this fundamental right.

Impairments and chronic conditions experienced by individuals and couples I have worked with include: spinal cord injuries (paraplegia and tetraplegia); cerebral palsy (CP); multiple sclerosis (MS); parkinson’s disease (PD); phocomelia as a result of thalidomide; and post-operative symptoms following cancer treatment (including prostatectomy and mastectomy).

I am an active member of the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance (SHADA) and fully support its vision to create a more inclusive society where every disabled person’s unique sexual identity is given due respectful, non-judgemental recognition and acceptance.

In 2008 I was named Sex Worker of the Year by Outsiders, the UK charity that provides sex and relationship support to physically and socially disabled people. In 2013 Outsiders did me a second honour by naming me Sex Therapist of the Year.

I work from premises in Harley Street, and  I also undertake outcalls from my home in Stroud, Gloucestershire.