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Building Confidence, Experiencing Intimacy, Enjoying Pleasure

Sexual confidence, intimacy and pleasure are vital to human experience. Irrespective of age, ability or sexual preference, we have the right to express our sexuality, experience intimacy and enjoy sexual pleasure.

Perhaps you lack confidence in expressing yourself sexually and are struggling to form the intimate relationships that you want? Do you have a yearning for more from your relationships? Have you really explored your potential for sexual pleasure, either as an individual or a couple?

I can help develop and build your sexual confidence, expand your capacity to be intimate with others and enable you to enjoy greater sexual satisfaction; either with yourself or with another.

Confidence – Finding our sexual confidence is identifying how we limit ourselves; the beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that inhibit us as adults and discovering our sexual potential.
Intimacy – The quality of the sex we have is determined by our capacity to be intimate. Intimacy is allowing ourselves to be fully seen, heard and understood by another and for them to let us know them in return.  With confidence, we can communicate our deepest yearnings so that we can be truly seen and this can facilitate fantastic sex.
Pleasure – Sexual satisfaction is about more than just having sex. It requires emotional and physical connection with ourselves and our partner; an understanding of our own pleasure and the capacity to surrender.
I work with people of all ages, genders and sexualities, either as individuals or as couples. Client groups that I frequently work with include:

  • Women and men who feel that they lack sexual confidence
  • Women who experience sexual anxiety, painful sex, difficulties of arousal and orgasm
  • Men who experience performance anxiety, a difficulties with erections and orgasms
  • Women and men who feel they have compulsive sexual behaviour or who have questions or concerns about a particular behaviour, kink or a fetish
  • Women and men who have limited or no sexual experience
  • Women and men with physical disability who wish to acknowledge and explore their sexuality
  • Women and men who are sexually confident but want to expand their repertoire and knowledge.

For more information on how I work see My Approach.