Working with women

I help women to overcome the most common female sexual problems: painful sex (dyspareunia), vaginismus and difficulties with arousal or orgasm. I also work with women who have had limited sexual experience (adult virgins), women who find it difficult to sustain relationships and women who experience compulsive sexual behaviour (“sexual addiction”).

Anxiety is a common cause of difficulties with arousal and orgasm, which often contributes to painful sex and vaginismus. Poor sex education, lack of experience, unskilled partners, fear of intimacy or experience of sexual abuse all contribute to anxiety. The end result is less sexual satisfaction, avoidance of sex and relationship difficulties.

A typical programme begins with helping the client to talk openly about her experience of desire and to explore and understand the origins of her difficulties. By supporting and encouraging openness, I help can help a woman manage her anxiety and become sufficiently confident to communicate sexually. We explore how she can widen her experience of her own sexuality, open up to greater intimacy with partners and freely embrace her sexuality.

I use practical exercises to get women comfortable with their bodies and experience their potential for pleasure. I use talking therapy and education to correct myths about women’s sexuality and to address negative cultural messages about body size and shape. Programmes also include work and exercises with partners. If a woman’s problems stem from lack of sexual experience, I may arrange and supervise experiential exercises with a professional sexual surrogate.

Developing a more balanced, confident and pleasure-based attitude to sex can reduce anxiety about sex, address problems of arousal and orgasm and painful sex, enable women to let go of compulsive behaviours.

I also work with sexually confident women and their partners who want to expand their understanding and experience, for example by trying new sexual behaviours or exploring the spiritual and transcendent aspects of female sexuality.