Working with men

I help men to overcome the most common male sexual problems: rapid orgasm (premature ejaculation), losing erections (erectile dysfunction) and delayed orgasm. I also work successfully with men who have had limited sexual experience (adult virgins), men who have compulsive sexual behaviour (“sexual addiction”), and men who are stuck in a particular behaviour, e.g. a kink or a fetish, that troubles them or restricts their ability to build or sustain relationships.
Poor sex education, lack of experience, fear of intimacy, experience of abuse, anxiety and low self-confidence all cause and contribute to problems with erections and orgasm, lead men to avoid sex or become stuck in compulsive or narrow sexual behaviours.

A typical programme begins with helping the client to talk openly about his behaviour and desires and to explore and understand the origins of behaviours that bother or restrict him. By supporting rather than judging, I help a man manage his anxiety and become sufficiently confident to communicate sexually. We explore how he can widen his experience of his own sexuality, become more aware of his body and its capacity for pleasure and open up to intimate sexual communication with others.

I use practical exercises to get men comfortable with their bodies and better experience sexual pleasure. I use education to correct misconceptions that leave men feeling inadequate, particularly how intimacy develops from pleasure not performance. Programmes also include work and exercises with partners. If a man’s problems stem from lack of sexual experience, I may arrange and supervise experiential exercises with a professional sexual surrogate.

Developing a more balanced, confident and pleasure-based attitude to sex can address problems with orgasm and erections, even when they result from ageing or chronic illness. By being more confident, intimate and pleasure-focused, men can also manage or drop compulsive or troubling behaviours, kinks and fetishes.
I also work with sexually confident men and their partners who want to expand their understanding and experience, for example by trying new sexual behaviours or exploring the spiritual and transcendent aspects of male sexuality.