My Approach

I work using a dynamic mixture of talking therapy, sex education and practical exercises drawn from body psychotherapy and sacred sexual traditions. This combination enables me to help clients identify core issues in terms of their confidence and openness to intimacy. I enable them to challenge the blocks and barriers that prevent them expressing their sexuality, getting close to others and experiencing pleasure. I encourage and support them as they make this journey of change and discovery.

I work with both individuals who do not currently have a partner and with couples who are in relationship.

From the first assessment session I tailor a programme that fits each client’s needs, is sensitive to their situation and abilities, but is also challenging and ambitious in its goals.

I use talking therapy to help deepen clients’ understanding of where they are now, what prevents them reaching their goal and what they can do to achieve it. I enable them to approach their sexuality with greater confidence and become open to deeper levels of intimacy with themselves and their partners.
I use clear and explicit education to help clients understand their bodies and experience greater physical pleasure. I correct misperceptions about sex, enabling clients to have realistic expectations, both about their own and their partners’ bodies. I help them focus on pleasure rather than performance and physical potential over physical limits.

I use exercises, either in sessions or as homework, to address inhibitions that cannot be fixed by talking alone. These teach clients how to experience greater closeness and pleasure both with themselves and their partners. This brings the work alive and enables both deeper physical and emotional intimacy and the achievement of greater sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

This combination is effective in working not only with mind and body but also with spirit. Once clients develop sexual confidence and experience greater intimacy and pleasure, many choose to take what they have learned to a higher level and to undertake further work to understand their potential to experience the spiritual dimensions of intimacy and sexuality.